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6th Tee Box

After consulting a rep from Consolidate turf we managed to organise a free trial of a machine called a Koro Top Field maker by Campey turf care, this was carried out on the 10th March 2022. The Koro is used for football pitch renovations. The Koro is designed to strip turf off just below the organic matter layer and levels the surface as it goes. Consolidate will be providing the feed programme for recovery after the demonstration. If we do not get sufficient growing temperatures after this work has been carried out the winter tee can be used with little disruption to play. The tee will be back in play within 6 weeks from when sufficient soil temperatures arrive. Should this trial be successful it would be a cost-effective way of removing thatch, levelling, and renewing the tee boxes.

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Left Side of the 2nd Green

Today (02/03/22) saw the removal of the old playing surface, which after years of mole hills and high foot traffic has caused heavy compaction and an uneven surface. This will be replaced with new turf, which after it has rooted will make the area much more playable. We hope the area will be in play by mid April.