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6th Tee Box Update

The 6th tee has been over seeded to help establish a thicker sward. The tee is currently being hand mown at a 15mm height of cut. Cutting more regularly will also encourage tillering. We are aiming to have the tee in play by July.

The 18th green has been brought in from the back left corner. This area of green is substandard and requires additional work. The solid white line shows where the ground under repair is. The staggered white lines are to show the greenstaff where the new greens and aprons cut will be.

25 bat boxes and 10 bird boxes have been placed around the course. Increasing the bat population on the back 9 will help lower mosquito activity.

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Left Side of the 2nd Green

Today (02/03/22) saw the removal of the old playing surface, which after years of mole hills and high foot traffic has caused heavy compaction and an uneven surface. This will be replaced with new turf, which after it has rooted will make the area much more playable. We hope the area will be in play by mid April.